Timber Measurement Society Meeting, Bellingham Washington
10-12 April, 2013

The meeting was attended by more than 80 participants from the US, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland.  Next year's meeting will be held in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area, tentatively on 9-11 April 2014.  Most of the presentations from the meeting can be downloaded below. Download the minutes of the business meeting, agenda, and photo album.

April 10, 2013

Trading logs with China: measurement and accountability

 Rick Kosolofski, Pioneer Scaling Ltd., Campbell River, British Columbia

Log scaling update from New Zealand 

John Ellis, Group Technical Manager, C3 Ltd.; and Managing Director of Scaling Research International, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand  

Douglas fir defects and how they relate to veneer recovery

Russ Carrier, Boise Cascade, Kettle Falls, Washington 

Log grades and sort codes: understanding the parameters of standardized log quality

Mike Belfry, Pacific Rim Log Scaling Bureau, Lacey, WA

The Forest Industry: harvest, housing and foreign trade

Gordon Culbertson, Forest2Market, Eugene, Oregon

Beetle-killed lodgepole pine measurement issues

Don Hascarl, Canfor, Prince George, British Columbia

Converting between Western North American log scaling methods

Neal Hart, Jendro & Hart LLC, Sunriver, Oregon

NZ Log Exports: Measurement and Logistics Challenges and Initiatives from C3

Matt Wakelin, C3 Ltd, Nelson , New Zealand

April 11, 2011

Alberta Smalian cubic scale to product recovery and statistical analysis

How to collect the best possible GPS data under the tree canopy and using GPS offsets to save time and money

Jon Aschenbach
, Resource Supply, LLC., Beaverton, Oregon

Log scanning trials: progress by Measurement Canada and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Technical Committee on Scaling on using scanners for scaling

Peter Dyson, FPInnovations, Vancouver, British Columbia

Measurement Canada’s role in timber measurement and the process of approving scanner measure (Discussion paper)

Luciano Burtini, Measurement Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Cruising big valuable timber: tips for getting the most out of your time and effort

Paul Wagner, Atterbury Consultants, Darrington, Washington

Pulpwood measurement in Scandinavia

Mats Nylinder, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

Unmanned weight scales

Bill Hepler, Pacific Industrial Scale, Richmond, British Columbia

Drive-through log scanning installations in North America and abroad

Mario Angel, WoodTech - North America, Portland, Oregon

Manufacturer Survivability – A Key Indicator of Long Term Timber Value

Bryan Beck, The Beck Group, Portland, Oregon

Drive around, take pictures, and automatically make maps for GIS

Craig Greenwald, GeoMobile Innovations, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon

North American and Global Forest Products Markets

Delton Alderman, USFS, Princeton, West Virginia

Conducting a successful return-to-log study and determining peeler log values by diameter and grade
when components from different logs are used in each panel

Matt Fonseca, UNECE, Geneva, Switzerland

Managing timber information and reducing the possibility of theft: technology to be more efficient, reduce errors
and access real-time audit capability and business intelligence reporting 
Jeff Widmer, 3Log Systems,Richmond, British Columbia

April 12, 2011

In the morning the group went to the Great Western sawmill in Everson Washington to scale logs . The logs were reviewed and there was quite a bit of discussion regarding grading procedures and rules.

In the afternoon the group toured the Interfor Cedaprime remanufacturing plant in Sumas Washington.

TMS Central Committee Officers and Contacts

                    Chairman: Matt Fonseca                    Matthew.Fonseca@unece.org

Vice chairman: John Calkins              jcalkin@simpson.com        

Vice chairman: Mario Angel               Mario.Angel@woodtechms.com

Secretary-Treasurer: Thelma Alsup    4alsups@centurytel.net